Vebole Family Invest, an investment company with fair and human values


An investment company specially dedicated to celebrities, wealthy individuals individuals and high-level athletes, Vebole Family Invest has only one goal: to help you grow your wealth while serving fair economic and social causes.

Our mission


Through economic structures employing only students from the Vebole Family School, our company promises its investors quick and attractive investment returns.

From sports education to law, security of assets and people, management & business administration to computers and the web, our students are trained in many fields.

Our administrative structure


By creating its own ecosystem, Vebole Family Invest has opted for an autonomous financial management in order to ensure a sustainable operation and to carry out all of its missions. It is through three holding companies (Taurus World Inc, Ti22 et Wolf Pack Industries) that the company develops subsidiaries companies capable of ensuring the economic and human activity of the entire group.

Our investors


In order to sustain its activity, our investment company is supported by several investors, who include celebrities (sports, fashion, media, entertainment), institutional partners, private fortunes and small investors.

Everyone has a special interest in Vebole Family Invest, particularly in terms of financial (rate of return), social (recruitment of students from the Vebole Family School) and charity (10% of group profits are disbursed to poor people around the world).